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Welcome et bienvenue


... to "Je blogue, tu blogues...Let's blog" !

C'est le blog de deux écoles le Collège Saint Exupéry à Bourges-
en France et Ian Ramsey à Stockton-on-Tees en Angleterre.
Your teachers Langwitch and Merryprof hope that you will enjoy
creating things for this blog and commenting on each others' work.
Alors... so... allez-y...Let's Blog!

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4 septembre 2007 2 04 /09 /septembre /2007 19:18
Aujourd'hui, c'est mon tour... demain ou après- demain, c'est le vôtre!

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bastien 18/01/2008 09:32

My name bastien. i am in 4°5

josef m 13/09/2007 20:12

bonjour je,mapplle josef m 7n

benoit 3°2 10/09/2007 11:05

hello, your message is very cool. I want to spend a good years with all

fabien 10/09/2007 11:04

hello thanks you for the message and I hope that we will have fun .My name is Fabien and I am in 3°2 .

bour y allison 10/09/2007 11:00

hello!!my name is allison
your blog is verry nice

good bye